Every child has to pay a yearly membership fee to be able to attend courses conducted by BISAC.
Bharatnatyam and Bollywood: 400,- pr Semester for the individual classes in addition to the membership fee.


Annual Membership fee: NOK 200/-


Semester fees for classes are as follows.


Bollywood Girls and Boys Group C: NOK 400/-
Bollywood Girls, Group B: NOK 400/-
Bollywood Girls, Group A: NOK 400/-
Bharatnatyam Group B: NOK 400/-
Bharatnatyam Group A: NOK 400/-


Memebership gives access to all courses under BISAC in addition to discounted tickets at events.


BISAC account number: 1503.59.65596
When making payment, please indicate childs full name, age and which semester.