The following courses will be available semester 2, 2016.

1. Bollywood 400 NOK/Semester 1h Saturday

2. Bharatnatyam 400 NOK/Semester 1.5h Saturday

Affiliated activities:

Hindustani Vocals every Friday at Ulriksbydel from 18:00 to 20:00 and every Saturday at Ny Krohnborg.

Contact instructor directly regarding registration, payment and timings,

*Class timings indicated here are tentative and are subject to confirmation from Bergen Kommune on BISAC’s use of dance halls and classrooms. Classes during the semester may be subject to change; BISAC shall provide information should such changes need to be effectuated.

Please register by

1. Sending an email to, indicating your child’s name and age; contact email and telephone number of parent(s).

2. Payments for registration is made into account number 1503.59.65596. Please indicate ‘2016 Semester 2_registration_child’s name and age’.

Classes are planned from 09:45 – 13:30 on Saturdays. Changes in specific timings for the different groups will be notified if necessary.

We thank you for your cooperation


If you have a particular talent that you wish to teach in or you are a student looking at learning an art form or you simply have an idea to share, please do contact us at We are constantly looking for talented resources and for enthusiastic students. We are also able to match you up with other similar organization if you are interested in a talent that we are unable to provide.