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We have been active as Bergen Dance group since 2010. The group gained rapid popularity through its presence and performances in events around the city and ultimately,  Bergen Indian Society for Arts and Culture was founded in 2015. BISAC is devoted to the promotion of pan-Indian performance arts and culture, including classical, traditional, folk and modern performance arts of India. Our main aim is impart the diversity of Indian art forms to children of Indian origin and others alike in Bergen.

BISAC is a non-profit organization, supported by Bergen Kommune, its members and well-wishers.

What we offer
The main aim of the society is to keep Indian performance arts and culture thriving amongst the Indians in Bergen and to provide the same opportunity for all other nationals who are interested in learning these. The society provide diversity in the art field and is open to everyone who enjoys traditional and modern arts of India. Our teachers and volunteers are well qualified and instruct in English, Indian languages, and Norwegian.

At present, BISAC conducts Bharathanatyam (classical dance) and hugely popular Bollywood dance classes for children aged 3 and above as well as adults.
We also hold sessions for dance forms like Garba, Bhangara, Jazz, belly dance etc as well as musical instruments and vocals periodically as part of seasonal short-term camps.
We aim to provide our students and members with the opportunity to perform at various events throughout the year and to perform in arts related competitions in Bergen and around Norway.